Lotto and gambling freak owns a company that manufactures fireplaces

Umat Sumargo used to be a SAP PI Consultant at a Software Company until she founded her own company that manufactures fireplaces for bungalows. Finding her own company wasn’t an easy task for Umat but she was determined and she really did it finally.

Umat has won several lotteries in the past and that’s where most of the money to start her own company came from. Once Umat had god whisper in her ears that she is going to win X amount of money in the lottery and the amount was enough for Umat to buy a Mercedes. Back in that time, Umat was very much in need of a new car and the god in her dream proved to be real, she really won that much amount and instead of buying a Mercedes, Umat bought a Corolla S and invested whatever she saved with buying a Corolla S into her fireplace manufacturing company.

Umat is an auto enthusiast who claims that Ford’s build quality is extremely overlooked. Umat claims that build quality is still the most important factor when it comes to buying a car; airbags, ABS, etc are all overrated features according to Umat.

Umat says that all those criticizing the Volvo XC90 for not having an electric steering shouldn’t forget that its steering offers one of the best feeling among its competitors. Umat claims to have driven all the generations of Mercedes GL class and Audi Q series as well and she says that Volvo XC90’s steering has the best feel among those all.

Umat is not only a lottery freak, she loves online gambling as well and she has great relationships with many of the Agen Bola, if you know what I mean.

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