Betting online is a great idea when your car breaks down and you don’t know what to do about it and there is no mechanic around either

Leslie Duvall is a Trans Scheduling Specialist at eBay and she also owns 3 snack bars that are popular enough to be landmarks of the neighborhoods that they are located at.

Leslie is an automobile, online gambling and politics freak and she writes about each on her personal blog.

Leslie claims that Mercedes creates matchless luxury sedans like the S-class but even Honda creates better SUVs than the Mercedes, just G-Wagon is an exception and it seems to Leslie that Mercedes created G-Wagon by an accident.

Leslie believes that the General Motors is not going to get its lost glory back no matter how hard they try for it. Leslie says that looking at the vehicles that the GM has been producing lately, it looks like they haven’t even started trying yet.

Leslie claims that her grandmother once interviewed the late actress Bette Davis but the interview wasn’t recorded. Leslie claims that Bette told her grandmother that she wanted to be rocket scientist instead but once she became an actress, her passion for becoming a rocket scientist slowly faded away within a few years and there came a time when she forgot once and for all her passions other than acting and personal life. Leslie claims that Bette also told her grandmother that Bette could have done a lot more if she wasn’t addicted to sex, gambling and smoking cigarettes.

Leslie’s latest post was about how she once took her Fiat Panda on a long journey only to see it breaking down everywhere and betting on qq288 while waiting for the mechanic to come throughout her journey.

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