Factory owner and legal consultant believes sabung ayam online to be her luck factor

Akay Tan is a wealthy factory owner whose factory manufactures and exports bandage tyres. Akay is a legal consultant as well. Being a legal consultant, Akay is extremely interested in the global politics and laws. Akay recently made a trip to India where she observed things she never did anywhere before.

Akay says that the politicians of India are selling the myth to the people that India will be a global superpower in the future but their story are all lies and the gullible and naive people are still believing them. Akay claims that there will not be a country by 2026 with the name India, Bharat or Hindustan.

Being a tyre manufacturer, Akay did a bit of research on the Indian tyre industry as well and was surprised to learn that many Indians still think that run-flat tyres and tubeless tyres are one and only. Akay claims that many cunning tyre retailers sell tubeless tyres to their innocent customers labelled as run-flat tyres in the small tows of Madhya Pradesh, India.

Akay says that the British and the Portuguese created several planned hill cities in India which all till date look and work magnificently well but the free India hasn’t yet been able to create one that really works well and is decently populated. Akay visited the so-called free India’s first planned hill city which goes by the name Lavasa only to be disappointed. Akay says that although the city has over half of the houses sold, the houses don’t have anybody living in them as the basic amenities aren’t even available in the so-called free India’s first planned hill city.

Akay also says that the African continent is far behind the Indian subcontinent in terms of religious superstitions. The only superstition that Akay believes is true for herself is that she believes betting on subang ayam online works as a luck factor for her and also motivates her to keep her left foot above the right one.

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