Top Real Estate Agent has mentioned more about FUN88 than the Real Estate in her book

Olivia Oliver is the daughter of a 76 year old astronaut who hasn’t yet given up on life and his ambitions. Olivia’s dad has been thinking about for years a way to find his own telescope shop on the Planet Mars and although he hasn’t got any success in his endeavors and dream yet, he is not willing to ever give up until the day he dies no matter what. He says that he is going to be the first one to have a telescope shop on the Planet Mars and nobody else.

Olivia herself is a successful real estate agent but she is a little weird and socially awkward. Her being little weird and socially awkward can be known by the fact that she writing a book named “Real Estate for Workers”. In the book, Olivia has also mentioned that all the women real estate agents that she knows personally make more noise than a Toyota diesel engine. As a car lover herself, Olivia loves to give automobile related analogies.

Olivia has also gone off-topic in her book and written a bit about the future of the different automobiles. Olivia has written that it is certain that the nation called India aka Hindustan aka Bharat will soon be divided into several different parts and one of those will be Tamildesh (Present day state of Tamil Nadu). Olivia has written that once the state of Tamil Nadu gets separated from India, it will be one of the largest car manufacturers. She claims that Chennai will be like the Detroit of the east.

Olivia has also mentioned about her addiction to FUN88 and how many bets she lost and won on the same and how she considers a rainy day to be a lucky day for the people with Pisces Zodiac sign.

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