Young Entrepreneur loves Indian food and Togel Singapore

Ramon Cortez owns a clothing retail store chain but wants to get into producing auto accessories like seat covers, car body covers, floor mats, travel blankets and steering wheel covers.

Ramon claims that those who enter large competitive markets with huge margins want to live a comfortable and luxurious life but only if the things always worked as expected. Ramon says that the reason why he is deciding to enter an industry that is not competitive anymore is because that’s where the future is. Being in the clothing retail business for years, Ramon has learnt that it is never a good idea in this century for a newbie to enter an industry that is highly competitive.

Another reason why Ramon has decided to enter the auto accessories industries is that he is extensively interested in the same. Ramon has tons of interesting ideas regarding the auto industry as well. Ramon says that no matter how much the car reviewers and magazines claim that Fiat is not what it used to be anymore, they are all lies.

Ramon believes that extended service plans are a rip-off and a consumer should do his best to stay away from one.

Ramon also believes that Honda is the most overrated car maker of the modern times followed by Hyundai-Kia.

Ramon claims that many car makers are eyeing Ethiopia to manufacture fuel filters but he personally believes that their mission is going to be an unsuccessful one because Ethiopia is going to see several different violent movements and protests which will destroy all the upcoming and existing industries that are present in Ethiopia.

Ramon loves data togel singapura more than ever since he won thousands of dollars with the same.

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