Probiotic Beverage manufacturer’s only vice is Bingo websites since she got diabetes

Anne Beckinsale owns a company that manufactures probiotic milk beverages. Anne is ambitious enough to expand her business worldwide and she says that India looks like a goldmine to her. Anne says that Yakult has been dominating the probiotic milk beverage industry and she believes her product is far superior to Yakult.

Anne never cared about her own health or the health of others until she got diabetes and blood pressure issues herself. Anne claims that she hasn’t drunk any beer or wine since the day she got the news that she has high blood pressure and diabetes. Anne’s only vice now are bingosites.

Anne used to drive car to commute but now she only rides her bicycle for up to commutes of 5 km.

There was a time when Anne lived in a condo next to many celebrities. Anne claims that most celebrities are a lot of negative energy and that’s the reason why she sold out that condo of hers and now always does a thorough investigation before buying a house that there is no celebrity around that house.

Anne claims that Chelsea Clinton’s drastic transformation is the result of her addiction to substance and sex.

Anne claims that ancient Greek doctors couldn’t treat or cure most of the diseases and the ones that were believed to be cured or treated by those so-called doctors happened so naturally, not because of those so-called Greek doctors.

Anne also believes that just altering your diet to cure a disease is mostly a placebo and nothing else and she hasn’t seen a single person in her life that was able to get rid of a chronic disease with altering his/her diet only. Anne believes that there is no denying that altering your diet plays a crucial role in alleviating a chronic illness but it is only able to eliminate 20-30% of the disease, not entirely.

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