Home Decor Retail Chain Owner hates e-com but loves poker websites

Ambar Afif owns a home decor retail chain popular for the quality of curtains that they sell at their store. Ambar says that she is well aware of the fact that e-commerce has made more fortunes than we will perhaps ever get to know but Ambar is not willing to take her home decor business online as she is against the e-commerce since the very beginning of it. The only thing that Ambar appreciates online are trusted poker sites (Situs Poker Terpercaya).

Ambar’s husband recently caught diabetes owing to a big blunder of his. Somebody recommended eating as many fruits as possible to him and he started eating his most favorite fruit ever – Sugar-Apple all the time only to gain weight and catch diabetes. Ambar has been making fun of her husband since then telling him that she is too good for him. Ambar says that he is also suffering from sexual dysfunction since he started eating Sugar-Apple all the time. If you are a Sugar-Apple lover and you suffer from sexual dysfunction then you just discovered the cause for your suffering.

Ambar is a huge critic of the famous personality – Mark Twain and she says that he had a habit of talking bullshit all the time and the greatest example of his bullshitting is that he referred to Cherimoya fruit as the most delicious fruit ever known to man. Ambar says that he perhaps never tried any other fruit ever.

Ambar is very critical of the fact that both men and women are so much concerned about the breast cancer but nobody gives a damn about the testicular cancer. Being a woman, Ambar feels that men are really underrated and they are never looked after by the society and that’s the reason why she recently started different blogs, websites and forums to aware men about the testicular cancer.

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