Mower company owner stopped going to the gym and started betting on Makrobet

Alexander Manayev started his business career with selling ponchos imported Mexico on eBay and it only took Alexander a couple of years to become the founder and chairperson of a worldwide renowned mower company.

Alexander is so much dedicated to run his company well that he recently stopped going to the gym to manage his business better.

Alexander hates the celebrity culture so much that he claims that no matter what, he is never going to hire a celebrity for the promotion of his business. Alexander also creates and uploads videos on the Youtube regularly to expose the celebrity culture, their PR agencies and the mainstream media.

Alexander only likes to do innovative stuff to promote his company, for example, for the first time in the history of the mowers, Alexander started a survey website where he randomly offered free mowers to the participants. This idea definitely helped Alexander’s company in terms of sales, even more than he expected. Alexander says that the love his company receives from the buyers is what keeps Alexander trying to find something innovative to do in order to make his company even more popular so that he himself and his company can receive even more love.

Alexander likes to joke that 2 things can never be stable – 1. Your wife’s temperament, 2. New York City’s weather.

Alexander hates loud parties and weddings but he loves betting websites with a little soothing music on, example includes most of Makrobet websites.

Alexander is very much against the nationalism, fascism, religion and other similar organizations. Alexander claims that the peaceful people don’t fight on the streets, they plan big wars and this is quite evident from the history of the past 3000 years.

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