Affiliate millionaire has a rocket scientist friend that knows about every Sbobet agent

Chris Firby owns hundreds of affiliate websites and they all are profitable.

Chris has done an extensive study on the rocket science, space and related stuff. Chris claims that all the astronauts working on the Apollo mission should be called thief for stealing rocks and soil of the planet Mars without the permission of creatures living there. Chris claims that this is the height of the double standard of our politicians, judges and the other rulers. Chris is amazed that nobody raised a brow when the astronauts did this and it hurts him. Chris doubts that there are aliens that exist on the planet Mars but just because they are coming in the way of the rulers, they are not telling us about it. Chris says that we shouldn’t be surprised in the future if we get to know that the rocket scientists that have been traveling to the planet Mars for decades have already killed many creatures of that planet to achieve their devious missions. Chris claims that the real missions behind going to the planet Mars are a secret and everyone is lying to us. Chris claims that the biggest requirement to be a part of the Mars mission is to be a serial liar. Chris claims that the billionaires that have secret agenda behind sending astronauts to the Mars only look for the liars for the job and they will never send the most talented astronaut there if he/she cannot lie.

Chris claims that he knows this much about the space missions and related stuff because one of his best friends is a rocket scientist himself. This rocket scientist friend of Chris also told him that rocket science is far easier to learn than most people believe. This rocket scientist friend of Chris also loves to bet and he knows almost about every Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

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