Pro-life engineer believes that we are living in the end times and that’s why he is betting all he can on GClubTheOne

Calvin Gilmore hates the addicts that tell him that they take weed just because it helps them calm down. Calvin is normally a pro-life anti-abortion non-republic non-democrat but liberal person but idiots like these make him think again about his remarks about himself being against abortion.

Calvin is a blogger as well and that’s where he likes to mention most of the stuff that he really feels about or observes. Calvin talks very less and prefers to convey his messages through writing instead.

Calvin claims that there are some extraordinary minerals present in planets similar to earth which can turn the human beings and apes immortal and some can even make us stay forever young.

Calvin used to be an Associate Director of Engineering at a Major Online Clothing store unless he founded one of his own. Calvin believes that inspiration is as important as motivation, perseverance and passion. Calvin claims that a man who is doing his best in every aspect is helped by the gods, nature, whatever you want to call it and the biggest evidence is that whenever he is doing his best for his career, he wins bets upon bets on บาคาร่า as well.

Calvin believes that we are living in the end times. Calvin claims that Antigua and Barbuda have very significant place in the end times. He claims that there will be man-made rivers in this country during the end times and that’s also when the destruction of the entire planet earth will take place.

Calvin was once lucky enough to conduct interview of his favorite musicians – Godley and Creme. Godley and Creme told Calvin that they wanted to be rocket scientists instead.

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