Marine engineer turned entrepreneur is passionate about automobile and online gambling

Barbara Lane is a marine engineer turned entrepreneur who fully owns a company that manufactures Industrial Horizontal Storage Tanks, Vertical Storage Tanks, Agitated Vessels, Stainless Steel Silos and Low Pressure Vessels.

Barbara loves her 2004 edition of the BMW R1200 Classic Montauk and biking is one of her greatest passions, the others include auto-blogging, gambling and drinking some good beer.

Barbara speaks fluent Malay which she learnt from his brother’s wife and together Barbara and her sister-in-law bet on SCR888 when they both are high and together.

Many of Barbara’s auto-blog posts sound more like conspiracy theories than reality and one those posts read “Fiat is the largest secret shareholder of the Lamborghini and Ferrari. Fiat has a major influence in all the major decisions taken in the building of Ferrari and Lamborghini and that’s the biggest reason why Ferraris and Lamborghinis are so unreliable.”

Barbara says that it is stupid to buy a car for its interiors. Barbara says that it is instead more effective to buy a car with cheap interiors and then upgrade its interiors later on if you are a fan of the interior, features and interior quality. Barbara says that she will never ever buy a Hyundai, no matter what as they have nothing to offer other than good interiors and advance features at the best price possible.

Barbara says that the Nissan either gets reliable like Toyota, Honda and Isuzu or sell itself out. Barbara says that soon enough the Nissan will face the 1990s crisis again and no Renault will be there to save it again as Renault will also be on the verge of bankruptcy at that very moment.

Barbara wonders all the time that if one of Valentino Rossi or Michael Schumacher were a female and they had a baby together, what the kid would be like? Would he be as fast in terms of both the bikes and the cars or average on both?

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