Enjoyed a trip to Italy with the Klasemen Liga 1 money, fell in love with the Italian food

Tamiya Brown is a wealthy businesswoman who currently owns and operates a statewide taxi service that only uses imported cabs. Before this, Tamiya tried her hand in a tour and travel business agency but it didn’t work out well.

Tamiya started her professional career as an HR recruiter at a major company that is still alive and well and a major name in its field. The business manufactures evaporative air cooler.

Being from the HR background, Tamiya claims that the interviewees that studied at the private schools are far better at answering questions rightly and more confidently than the ones who studied at the government schools. Tamiya believes that it is because of various factors, one of those is that they generally come from the rich and successful parents who themselves are brilliant people in general that provide their kids with better upbringing and genes. Another major factor why Tamiya thinks that the private school alumnus are better at answering questions in an interview than their government school counterparts is that the kids in private schools have better and more supportive teachers and their schools provide these kids with different programs to raise their confident and communication skills up. And last but not the least major factor that Tamiya believes is involved in making the private school alumnus more suitable and preferred to the HR interviewers is that the private school alumnus have a sort of a superiority complex that they are better than most others, this superiority complex cannot be compared to the arrogance and is in no way arrogance, says Tamiya.

Tamiya recently enjoyed a trip to Italy with the money that she won with betting at Klasemen Liga 1. She really fell in love with the ‘Made in Italy’ Italian food. She now claims that the Italian food prepared outside Italy is nowhere close to the Italian food prepared in Italy. She says that she will soon start an Italian restaurant in her own city that will have only Italian national chefs. Tamiya believes that the business will make enough money to become a nationwide chain soon enough.

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