Wealthy criminal lawyer won enough money with LSM99 and lotteries to buy himself a gas station on his birthday

Nona Apichai is a fashion designer, her husband is a web designer and her husband’s mother is an interior designer. Nona says that web designing and fashion designing have more in common than fashion designing and interior designing.

Nona is one and only daughter of a criminal lawyer whose mansion is as popular in the city as a thousand year old monument. Nona’s dad is currently looking to buy a gas station on his birthday with the money he won with a lottery and LSM99 bets combined.

Nona says that her dream is to go to India and buy an Indian Rajasthani palace.

Nona believes that a person should never overlook what he/she can do in the spare time.

Nona has committed several surveys herself and she claims that informal surveys are realer and more reliable than the formal ones.

Nona only downloads apps from the Google Playstore after she got her computer infected with an array of spywares from another app market.

Nona has always had very dry and brittle hair. She tried several different shampoos but nothing worked for her hair. She is currently hopeless and her sister-in-law has assured her that she is somehow going to find out a shampoo that will cure her hair condition. This sister-in-law of Nona has contributed to many Aerostatics books.

Nona used to believe that the Maulvis, Muftis and Mullahs of Islam are sloths until she discovered that many of the Maulvis, Muftis and Mullahs living in her new neighborhood run part-time shops, some work as mechanics and some even as computer technicians.

Nona sounds like a conspiracy theorist when she claims that the previous Turkish government was planning to rename Istanbul to Constantinople in order to impress the White Christians but Erdogan laughs his off on this plan of theirs.

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