Polyglot plywood exporter from Cape Town is very particular about her library and the online gambling websites

Bertha Chia is a Polyglot plywood exporter from Cape Town, South Africa. Bertha Chia used to own a Trade Magazine which she worked very hard on but it couldn’t do well. Bertha tried her best to make her Trade Magazine popular but unfortunately, the people of South Africa are only interested in lifestyle and fashion magazines and they aren’t interested in trade much.

Bertha likes to call herself the greatest fan of Michelangelo and each year she does something to pay tribute to the great Michelangelo.

Bertha’s experience with her business has taught her that putting value to a product isn’t enough, you must promote it well to make it work.

Bertha buys a new laptop each year and most of the time it comes from the money she saves winning bets on kiu kiu domino.

Bertha says that friendship is the most underrated asset in the modern times. Bertha says that friendship doesn’t always pay in monetarily ways but it is definitely one of the most precious assets that a man or a woman can possess.

Bertha started her business career with the stationary store that she inherited from her father and rose up to become one of the greatest plywood exporters in the nation of South Africa.

Bertha loves denim clothes and she claims that one day, denim will be the dress of the elite around the world.

Bertha is popular among her friends for having a great memory, wonderful time management and communication skills and Bertha attributes it all to her being very particular about her library.

Bertha says that she doesn’t get impressed very easily but this restaurant chain owner who himself hates to cook has really took away her heart. She has been dating this gentleman for the past 16 months and soon enough we may expect these two to marry each other.

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