Ambition is in the veins of Scott Flynn’s family and this evident from their hard-earned success

Scott Flynn’s story is really a rags to riches one and the one that can make guys like Dan Lok look like nothing. When Scott came to the USA from Gilwice, Poland, he used to work as a construction laborer but today he owns a construction company of his own.

Scott lived in the Czech Republic as well for a while before coming to the United States and he has some things to say about that country. Scott says that he finds it funny how the Roman Catholics of the Czech Republic are more sexual than the Protestant Christians there. Some conspiracy theorists tried to claim that it is a conspiracy against the Roman Catholic religion that depicts that the people belonging to the Roman Catholic religion in Czech Republic are more sexual than their Protestant counterparts but nobody was going to believe them. Scott claims that those conspiracy theorists were in fact Christian Missionaries from all across the world in disguise.

Scott’s one and only daughter – Amber is a very versatile lady and this is evident from the fact that she is responsible for creating over 50 popular comic characters.

Amber recently founded her own factory where they manufacture Plastic Pallets including industrial pallets, Two Way Entry Pallets, Steel Reinforced Plastic Pallets, HDPE Pallets, Plastic Storage Pallets, Four Way Entry Plastic Pallets, Roto Molded Plastic Pallets, Injection Molded Plastic Pallets and Simple Plastic Pallets.

Amber says that most of the funds for her to start the factory came from winning bets using the help of casino bonuses and the rest came from the money that she saved working as a TV News Reporter.

Amber has left news reporting for now and when she used to be one, she was one of the most popular and favorite of many. Amber was the one who exposed a bunch of TV reporters in her state that were working on the commission of some Russian kidnappers give them information about nouveau rich people so that those Russian kidnappers can go ahead and kidnap them for the ransom. After Amber covered this news, all those news reporters and their Russian partners went into prison within a matter of 72 hours.

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